Press ReleaseOctober 5, 2017

Job Creators Releases New Ad Featuring Hall of Fame Quarterback

Part of JCN’s multi-faceted campaign to pressure Congress into passing small business and middle class tax cuts

Washington, D.C.— As part of the multi-million dollar campaign supporting tax cuts, a new commercial promoting tax cuts featuring hall of fame quarterback and small business owner, Fran Tarkenton, will be running this week on cable news programs in D.C. — including Fox & FriendsCBS This Morning and Morning Joe. Watch the commercial here. This is in addition to the national talk radio campaign from JCN that is ongoing.

Click here to watch the ad featuring Fran Tarkenton

Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, released the following statement:

“Job Creators Network is thrilled to work with Fran Tarkenton on this historic mission to cut taxes for small businesses. Along with being a Hall of Fame Quarterback, Fran has been a successful small business owner and entrepreneur – a true representation of the American Dream. Job Creators Network and Fran understand that cutting taxes for small business is not a Republican or Democrat issue – it is an American issue. Small business owners need relief so that they can create jobs and reinvest back into the economy. The time to act is now.”

Facts on Small Business: 

  • There are 29 million small business owners in America and they employ 56 million people—
    meaning 85 million Americans depend on small business
  • Over 8 million small businesses are minority owned
  • About 10 million small businesses are owned by women
  • About 1/5 small businesses are family owned and operated
  • Small business owners are responsible for 2/3rds of new jobs
  • About 95% of small businesses in America are pass throughs—meaning their owners pay
    personal income taxes on the profits of their business.
  • According to a recent JCN national poll of small business owners, the number one policy
    concern is high taxes