Government Resource Links on Covid-19

JCN has collected helpful resource links to government information on Covid-19 and ways for individuals and businesses to deal with the crisis. These include links from the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Labor, and other government agencies. Our list will be updated on a regular basis as the crisis continues.

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Pledge to Support Workforce Development

One of the most frustrating aspects of the current economic boom is the millions of available job opportunities that are not being filled because potential workers don’t possess the necessary skillset.

To fill this skills gap, the Trump administration is pursuing workforce development initiatives, but they need your help. Pledge your support to help close the skills gap today!

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Show your support for the American Dream and the free-market with a “Socialism Takes, Capitalism Creates” t-shirt or bumper sticker.

Mnuchin Explains How Small Businesses Benefit from Relief Bill

How Does the Phase 2 Relief Package Impact Small Businesses?

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