Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. The below policy blueprint deploys a pro-growth agenda to make these small business job creators a priority. Join political leaders like former Speakers of the House Kevin McCarthy and Newt Gingrich in supporting the American Small Business Prosperity Plan below.

The elements enjoy strong support among the small business community.

Support the American Small Business Prosperity Plan

Make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Permanent

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act unleashed a tsunami of small business expansion—leading to one of the strongest economies in half a century. But now, the legislation is set to incrementally expire and effectively hike taxes on America’s small business community. Congress should make small business tax relief permanent. According to JCNF polling, 78 percent of small businesses support the move.


Unleash Domestic Energy Production

High gas prices are a top concern for small businesses as they face skyrocketing transportation costs. Congress should demand that the Biden administration unshackle the U.S. oil industry so they can increase production and lower costs. According to JCNF polling, 83 percent of small businesses support the move.


Healthcare Reform to Benefit Small Businesses and Families

The current healthcare system isn’t working; government red tape and middlemen are inflating costs and reducing choices. Policymakers need to restore the doctor-patient relationship and remove D.C. bureaucrats and politicians from the exam room, as well as increase healthcare choices, price transparency and competition. According to JCNF polling, 81 percent of small businesses support the move. Visit to learn more.


Exempt Small Businesses From New Regulations

Handling the ever-growing mountain of government regulations put in place by D.C. is a major hurdle for small business owners. Unlike large corporations, small businesses have a difficult time absorbing compliance costs that are associated with government red tape. So, as a default, Mainstreet should be exempt from any new government regulations, unless policymakers can prove that small businesses would not be disproportionately harmed by the change. According to JCNF polling, 76 percent of small businesses support the move.


Rein-in Government Spending To Combat High Inflation

Out-of-control government spending is contributing to near-record inflation that is acting as a tax hike for small businesses. As the cost of input materials goes up, businesses can only pass along so much of the burden to consumers. Small business budgets eat the rest. Congress should cut the budget and reallocate unused pandemic-era funds for deficit reduction. According to JCNF polling, 82 percent of small businesses support the move.


Expand Access to Capital for Small Businesses

It’s often difficult for small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts because it’s challenging to access capital. Congress should explore strategies to open up capital markets more widely to small businesses so they can compete, innovate, and grow like their big business competitors. According to JCNF polling, 85 percent of small businesses support the move.


Dignity of Work Requirement for Recipients of Government Assistance

Providing a reasonable government-funded safety net for Americans who fall on hard times is welcome and necessary. But at the same time, we need to restore the dignity of work to help address lingering labor shortages that are compromising the U.S. economy. Congress should tie work requirements to government assistance programs for able-bodied people. According to JCNF polling, 71 percent of small businesses support the move.


Get Tough on China and Unclog Obstructed Supply Chains

Chronic supply chain problems have been a big headache for small businesses who are disproportionately affected. Congress should investigate what government regulations can be lifted to help smooth the movement of goods from “Point A” to “Point B.” Federal officials also need to get tough on the U.S.’s biggest economic rival, China, so the country becomes less reliant on products from abroad. According to JCNF polling, 79 percent of small businesses support the move.