Press ReleaseMarch 11, 2020

Job Creators Network Reacts to Bernie Sanders’ Decision to Stay in Race

Washington, D.C. (March 11, 2020)— Today, Bernie Sanders announced that he is staying in the presidential race, even after losing the Michigan primary.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO the Job Creators Networkreleased the following statement:

“By pressing on in the Democratic primary race, Bernie Sanders refuses to recognize that the American public does not want the socialism he is selling. Like all ideologues, Sanders refuses to bend his worldview to reality, whether that means recognizing that single-payer healthcare would destroy American medicine or that he has no path to the Democratic nomination.

Sanders claims that 87 million Americans are underinsured or uninsured, yet he makes no mention of the fact that he voted for the healthcare overhaul that has created this status quo or that his single-payer alternative would cause rationing that would leave even more people without access to care. Unfortunately, the alternative to Sanders, Joe Biden, would take the country down the same socialist road as Sanders with a public option. Both candidates are dangerous for workers, small business and the economy.

The Job Creators Network is the country’s leading small business group fighting back against this socialist threat that would destroy healthcare with a new initiative called Healthcare For You.  Healthcare for You is a bottom-up approach to healthcare reform—developed with extensive market research involving more than 25,000 Americans—Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The research makes it clear what Americans want.  They want personalized healthcare, not centralized healthcare like Medicare for All or a public option.”