Press ReleaseMarch 10, 2020

Job Creators Network Reacts to Biden’s Win in Michigan Primary

Washington, D.C. (March 10, 2020)— Former Vice President Joe Biden won tonight’s Michigan primary, further elevating his position as the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, released the following statement:

“Joe Biden’s win tonight moves him ever closer to an epic general election showdown with President Trump, and there is no question which candidate would be better for America’s 90-million-strong small business community.  Biden is a career politician who has spent the past year appeasing left-wing activists to secure his rise in the Democratic primaries.  His agenda, which includes fully repealing the Trump tax cuts, doubling the minimum wage, and enacting a government-run ‘public option,’ would cripple our economy and ruin our healthcare system.  President Trump, on the other hand, was a true ‘job creator’ before his election and the results speak for themselves with the best economy in history. Now is the time to protect that economy from a black swan event, the coronavirus.  President Trump, as usual, is up to the task, calling for a payroll tax cut and other stimulus to get us through the temporary storm. Biden’s far-left agenda will only cause greater anxiety and uncertainty at a time when we don’t need it.”