Press ReleaseFebruary 6, 2024


Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement in opposition to the Senate immigration deal:

“Border insecurity has become a clear and present danger to our country. The impact to our citizens and community has never been greater, and our small businesses are feeling the brunt of the impact every day with record levels of crime at their storefronts and a labor force being poisoned by fentanyl. Our members, like all Americans, are in desperate need of immediate action at the border to restore safety to our communities, but the newly proposed Senate legislation to address the issue is not the answer. We urge the House and Senate to reject it outright and call it out for what it is: nothing more than window dressing at best.

“President Biden doesn’t need any new legislation to secure the border. For over three years, he’s left the border wide open, and only in the last few weeks has claimed that he needs congressional authority to close it. The President doesn’t need more laws to do the right thing. It’s time he lived up to the oath he took to protect our country, its citizens, and the American Dream. 

“To strengthen existing law we urge the Senate to put H.R. 2 up to a vote, the most comprehensive border security legislation in decades. It has the real teeth needed to stop the madness and restore safety and security to the citizens of this country.”