Press ReleaseOctober 22, 2020

Job Creators Network on Debate: “Trump Dominated on Economy & COVID”

Washington, DC (October 22, 2020) — Tonight, President Trump and former Vice President Biden held their final debate of the 2020 campaign.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network (JCN)released the following statement:

“President Trump dominated Joe Biden on the economy and COVID-19.  The President was on offense the entire night – on taxes, trade, healthcare, the minimum wage, and many other issues. When it comes to COVID-19, the President laid out a powerful defense of his handling of the worst pandemic in over a century.  At the height of the crisis, the President pulled out all the stops to contain the virus while keeping small businesses afloat.  The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was the centerpiece of his relief efforts, pumping over $500 billion to five million small businesses and saving 51 million jobs. Now, the President is working to ‘flatten the fear’ and encourage people to safely reengage with society.  Biden would keep our economy locked down indefinitely, raise taxes by $4 trillion, enact a ‘Green Deal,’ and institute a gradual government takeover of our healthcare system. There is a clear choice between Trump and Biden – not just on the economy but on the leadership qualities that every President needs.  This is a ‘time for choosing’ for America and ‘to keep America America,’ there is only one choice.”

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Today, published Mr. Ortiz’s op-ed, 50 Cent is right about Biden’s tax plan, it would be terrible for workers, small business.  To read it, click here.