Press ReleaseApril 19, 2023

Job Creators Network Foundation Legal Action Fund Announces Plans to Sue Biden Administration over Emissions Regulations

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement announcing Job Creators Network Foundation Legal Action Fund’s plan to sue the Biden administration over its recently announced emissions regulations when finalized:

“The Biden administration’s new emissions regulations are extreme, not technically feasible, will cost jobs, and increase transportation and energy costs. They’re even bad for the environment. When finalized, Job Creators Network Foundation’s Legal Action Fund plans to file suit to block this executive overreach that runs afoul of the Supreme Court’s “major questions doctrine.” This precedent, set last year, holds that only Congress has the power to make sweeping changes to the American economy – such as forcing the electrification of the auto industry in nine years – when existing federal statutes aren’t clear. JCNF’s LAF will stand up for ordinary Americans and small businesses by suing to block this latest example of illegal executive overreach.

Read Alfredo Ortiz’s op-ed announcing these plans in Fox News HERE.