Press ReleaseFebruary 28, 2023

Job Creators Network Foundation Asks Supreme Court to Block Biden Administration’s Student Loan Bailout Process in Oral Arguments Today

Today, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments in Job Creators Network Foundation’s challenge to the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness program.

Elaine Parker, president of JCNF, released the following statement:

“JCNF is asking the Supreme Court to block the Biden administration’s student loan bailout process so that we can hold colleges accountable for their price gouging of American students. Biden’s loan forgiveness program would only exacerbate the student debt crisis because it gives colleges a blank check to continue overcharging students. Outrageous tuitions have allowed colleges to accumulate a $700 billion endowment war chest, while a generation of Americans buckle under crushing debt loads. Only by blocking this student loan bailout process following today’s hearing can the Supreme Court set the stage for bipartisan action to rein in the college cabal.”