Press ReleaseJanuary 6, 2022

Job Creators Network and its Co-Plaintiffs Call on Supreme Court to Issue an Immediate Stay on Employer Vaccine Mandate

JCN President Alfredo Ortiz Available for Interviews

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court of the United States hears oral arguments in a challenge brought by Job Creators Network and other groups objecting to the Biden Administration’s employer vaccine mandate. JCN was the first group to file a petition to the Supreme Court asking for it to issue a stay. Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of Job Creators Network, and several of JCN’s small business plaintiffs issued the statements below:

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of JCN:JCN President Alfredo Ortiz Available for Interviews

“The Supreme Court can defend small businesses nationwide by following precedent and immediately staying the Biden Administration’s employer vaccine mandate. This unprecedented government overreach would impose new costs on businesses at the worst possible time and exacerbate the labor shortage and supply chain crisis. Thirteen circuit judges have now weighed in on this case, and 11 have concluded the OSHA mandate is illegal. The majority opinion issued by the remaining two judges is not persuasive and ignores precedent. The facts are clear: OSHA has neither the authority nor the necessity to issue such a sweeping mandate that will impose such a dramatic burden on American small businesses. The Supreme Court should do the right thing and clarify that this mandate is illegal so small businesses can focus on bringing the economy back to pre-pandemic levels.”

Eric Lawrence, CEO of Lawrence Transportation Company in Rochester, MN:

“My transportation company is already facing historic labor shortages and struggling to hire enough commercial truck drivers and technicians to keep our fleet on the road. If the vaccine mandate is implemented, I stand to lose another 10 to 15 percent of my employees. That nightmare scenario is what’s at stake with this Supreme Court decision.”

Guy Berkebile, President of Guy Chemical Company in Somerset County, PA:

“In Guy Chemical’s more than 25 years of operations, we have never experienced a year as difficult as 2021—even more so than 2020. Between worker shortages and supply chain problems, it has been incredibly challenging to keep the company moving forward. Now, as we enter the New Year, Biden’s vaccine mandate looms and threatens a majority of my workforce who would rather quit than comply. Fingers crossed the Supreme Court sides with Guy Chemical and other small businesses across the country.”

Terri Mitchell, Employee of Guy Chemical Company:

“Because of natural protection—considering I both contracted the coronavirus and tested positive for the antibodies—I am determined not to receive the vaccine or subject myself to the indignity of involuntary weekly testing. I love my job at Guy Chemical but would rather lose my position than comply with an illegal rule pushed by the Biden administration. I pray the Supreme Court reverses this overreach by the federal government.

Gary Rabine, Founder of the Rabine Group of Companies in Illinois:

“Many of my employees have been with me for decades and are like family—but everyone draws their line in the sand. And for roughly 20 percent of my workforce, Biden’s vaccine mandate is that threshold and they would refuse to comply. If one-fifth of my staff doesn’t show up to work, we would no longer be profitable and the jobs of the hundreds of other people I employ will be put at risk.”

Nicholas Pyle, President of the Independent Bakers Association:

“As a representative of more than 200 independently owned wholesale bakeries and allied businesses in the U.S., I implore the Supreme Court to block this government overreach that threatens so many small businesses across the country. With the Biden administration heedlessly trying to impose its ‘vaccine or test weekly’ mandate, someone needs to stand-up for the little guy.” 

Howard R. Alton III, President and CEO of Pan-O-Gold Baking Company in St. Cloud, MN: 

“The lingering coronavirus poses a real concern, but doesn’t warrant unconstitutional government overreach that will sucker punch small businesses. We are the heartbeat of the American economy and cutting us off at the knees is not what the country needs as it recovers from a now two-year long pandemic.”

James Crocker, Founder and President of Hog Technologies in Stuart, FL:

“The upcoming decision by the Supreme Court related to vaccine mandates will have a profound impact on small businesses like Hog Technologies.  Having founded this business 32 years ago, I have never been forced to navigate through as many difficult hurdles as we have faced over the last two years. Getting the vaccine should be a personal decision and a number of key staff have already told me they will leave if we institute the mandate. This loss of key talent would certainly be unbearable given the already impossible issues relating to inflation and the supply chain confronting us daily here.  Politicians should not be permitted to turn my company’s resources into an enforcement arm of the federal government.”

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