Press ReleaseDecember 31, 2021

Job Creators Network Files a Reply in Support of Request for SCOTUS to Stay the Biden Administration’s Illegal Employer Vaccine Mandate

Today, Job Creators Network filed a reply in support of request for the Supreme Court of the United States to stay the Biden Administration’s illegal employer vaccine mandate.

Read the reply HERE.

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, issued the following statement.

“Thirteen circuit judges have now weighed in—and 11 of them have concluded the OSHA Mandate is illegal and should be stayed immediately. The Supreme Court should side with the clear weight of those judges and stay the mandate. JCN argues that the government’s brief, despite being 87 pages, largely ignores a seminal Supreme Court 1980 decision holding that OSHA ‘standards’ (as these rules are called) cannot regulate wide swaths of the nation’s industry and that OSHA’s power to issue emergency standards is ‘narrowly circumscribed.’ We also reject the government’s argument that the mandate is not really a vaccine mandate. The mandate itself says it is making testing-and-masking as onerous as possible to force people to get vaccinated rather than do testing and masking. There is already chaos across the country due to the Sixth Circuit’s opinion springing the mandate back to life. The only way to stop the chaos is for SCOTUS to stay the mandate promptly.”