Press ReleaseApril 26, 2021

In Case You Missed It: JCN CCO on Fox & Friends Discusses New Times Square Billboard Slamming MLB Commissioner

“All Strikes & No Balls?” Asks Billboard, Demands All-Star Game Be Moved Back to Atlanta

On Sunday, Job Creators Network (JCN) Chief Communications Officer Elaine Parker appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss JCN’s new billboard in New York’s Times Square slamming Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred for moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta. The billboard went live today.

“We call them like we see them and clearly, the Commissioner has all strikes and no balls,” Ms. Parker told host Pete Hegseth. “That’s why we put up this billboard in Times Square. Think about it: Strike one, he gave in to the woke crowd of misinformation and lies about this Georgia voting law. Strike two, he made the decision to move the game out of Georgia based on this false information. And strike three, it cost the state $100 million, primarily hurting minority small businesses. And we’re here to demand that he bring this game back to the state of Georgia cause three strikes and you’re out.”

Today’s billboard demands Commissioner Manfred return the All Star game, scheduled for July, to Atlanta. The ad questions if Manfred has “All Strikes & No Balls”—a play on words that pokes fun at the MLB’s fortitude.
The billboard continues a month-long ad blitz by JCN, which included a full-page ad in The New York Times, calling out the MLB commissioner for bowing to misinformation around Georgia’s new election law.

Watch the Fox and Friends interview here.

View the new billboard here.

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