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Appeared in The Hill on February 13, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

Congress needs to unite and pass this key infrastructure legislation

Appeared in Townhall on February 13, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

Trump Tariffs Are Solving the Bigger Problem

Appeared in RealClear Policy on February 12, 2019 By Elaine Parker

We’ve Cut Taxes. It’s Time to Extend the Cuts & Simplify the Tax Code.

Appeared in OC Register on February 11, 2019 By Elaine Parker

Capitalism got AOC where she is today. Why won’t she defend it?

Appeared in Rockford Register Star on February 9, 2019 By Elaine Parker

Trump delivers an America that works for women

Appeared in The Hill on February 4, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

State of the Union is time to shine the spotlight on economic growth

Appeared in Daily Herald on February 4, 2019 By Nicole Wolter

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturing is booming

Appeared in Investor's Business Daily on February 3, 2019 By Joseph Semprevivo

Lessons From America’s Longest Government Shutdown

Appeared in National Review on January 31, 2019 By John Allison

Make the Moral Case for Capitalism