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Appeared in Breitbart on April 11, 2019 By Bernie Marcus

Democrats Can’t Win Based on Their Ideas, So They Want to Change the Rules of the Game

Appeared in The Hill on April 11, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

A reason to celebrate tax cuts

Appeared in RealClear Politics on April 4, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

Trump Fights to Fix Shipping Rates That Favor China

Appeared in Today's Hotelier on April 1, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

Understanding the cuts this tax season

Appeared in Fox Business on March 27, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

Green New Deal fantasy-nightmare: Dems show true colors in 0 vote

Appeared in Daily Caller on March 27, 2019 By Joseph Semprevivo

Venezuela’s Failure is a Warning to America

Appeared in RealClear Policy on March 27, 2019 By Elaine Parker

There’s More to Be Done for Overtaxed Americans

Appeared in Washington Examiner on March 15, 2019 By Joseph Semprevivo

Democrats are pushing the biggest tax increase you’ve never heard of

Appeared in Fox News on March 14, 2019 By Alfredo Ortiz

Ocasio-Cortez again proves she’s clueless on economics