Blog PostMarch 17, 2017

JCN Bring Small Businesses Back Campaign–Full Speed Ahead

The Job Creators Network Bring Small Businesses Back campaign has been picking up steam with the introduction of the Bring Small Businesses Back Tax Reform Act—aimed at reducing the tax burden levied onto small businesses.

The BSBB Tax Reform Act would:

  • Lower the tax rate for small businesses’ first $150,000 of income to 12 percent and to 25 percent for all income above that threshold.
  • Allow small businesses to immediately expense all investment in equipment.
  • Permit small businesses to defer income declaration until payment is actually received.

The legislation was discussed in an op-ed by Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of JCN, in The Hill, featured in a full-page ad in The Hill, and highlighted by USA Today.

  • Read the USA Today story here.
  • View the full-page ad in The Hill here.
  • Read the op-ed in The Hill here.