Blog PostMarch 29, 2023

Tell Your Elected Leaders to Save Community Banks

In the wake of the recent Silicon Valley Bank collapse and ongoing banking crisis, some policymakers are considering new financial regulations and fees that would disproportionately hurt community banks that bear no responsibility for the ongoing turmoil.

Community banks play a critical role in fueling the U.S. economy, providing roughly 60 percent of small business loans and more than 80 percent of farm loans.

They make local loans based on relationships, not algorithms. They offer personal service, not 1-800 numbers. They keep money within communities, purchasing local bonds and funding local projects rather than sending deposits to New York or San Francisco. Yet policymakers and commentators don’t seem to care about the future of community banks.

Don’t let Congress compromise the lifeblood of the U.S. economy by saddling small banks with new costs. Act now and tell your elected leaders in Washington to save community banks.

Act now. Tell Congress to Save Community Banks!