Press ReleaseOctober 23, 2018

Job Creators Network Rolls into Houston to Thank Chairman Kevin Brady, Rep. Culberson, for Largest Tax Cut in History

JCN presents Brady and Culberson with Defender of Small Business Award for supporting the most important pro-growth legislation in decades

Washington, DC (October 23, 2018) – The Job Creators Network national Tax Cuts Work tour rolled into Houston today, stopping at Three Brothers Bakery to present House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady and US Rep John Culberson with its Defender of Small Business Award for supporting the largest tax cut in history.

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provides the largest tax relief in history for small businesses, and the economic gains that we’ve made since passing the law are a direct result,” said Brady. “Tax reform has helped create millions of new jobs, increased wages for workers, sparked billions in new small business investments, and grew the economy beyond what any of the doubters believed possible.”

Culberson, who represents the 7th Congressional District, said the tax cuts have been especially important to small businesses and middle-income families in Texas.

“The average family in our area is keeping an additional $2,700 per year of their hard-earned paychecks because of last year’s tax cuts. It is money that could be used for a mortgage payment, or a down-payment on a car, or to save for their children’s education,” said Culberson. “The fact is that the tax cuts have ignited our economy, created record levels of job growth, record new investment, and record economic optimism. These tax cuts, coupled with the money I secured in last year’s disaster relief bill for Harvey survivors, will further support the flourishing economy and the resilient spirit of every Houstonian in District Seven.”

Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, thanked Brady and Culberson for supporting the tax cuts despite sharp opposition.

“This is the most important tax law in three decades and it has ignited the US economy,” said Ortiz. “Kevin Brady made small business a top priority in crafting the legislation, and his leadership is one of the main reasons it passed. John Culberson has a 100 percent rating on the Job Creators Network legislative scorecard, which means that he’s been with small business every step of the way. They did the right thing for Texas, small business, and the US economy.  That’s why we are proud to present Kevin Brady and John Culberson with the Defender of Small Business Award.”