JCNF Press ReleaseMarch 18, 2024

Job Creators Network Foundation Submits Comments Opposing Biden Administration’s Apprenticeship Program Rule

Job Creators Network Foundation submitted comments opposing the Biden Administration’s apprenticeship rule, which would disincentivize small businesses from participating in apprenticeship programs. Read the comment letter here

Elaine Parker, president of JCNF, released the following statement:

“JCNF urges the Biden Administration to withdraw its proposed apprenticeship rule because it is illegal and would significantly harm small businesses across the country. The extensive rewriting of the apprenticeship regulations in this proposal would render a significant number of existing employer-sponsored programs “non-compliant.” Meanwhile, most small businesses do not have attorneys or compliance officers on staff to review regulations and ensure the company is complying with them. This rule would hurt small businesses contending with a skilled-labor shortage and prevent hardworking Americans from learning skills they need to gain financial security.”