JCNF Press ReleaseApril 3, 2024

Job Creators Network Foundation Responds to Biden’s Prescription Drug Price Misinformation

Elaine Parker, President of Job Creators Network Foundation, released the following statement in response to President Biden’s remarks today on drug prices:
“President Biden ignores the impact of supply-chain middlemen known as pharmacy benefit managers in jacking up medication costs. The government price controls he brags about are a blunt instrument for addressing the problem of high drug prices. A far better approach is to address the crony capitalist drug supply chain and allow market pressure to reduce medication costs. More price controls will only further distort the drug supply chain. Biden’s prescription drug price misinformation only puts real solutions to the healthcare cost crisis further out of reach.”
Elaine Parker and Tom Price, former HHS Secretary, have a recent op-ed explaining how government solutions are not the answer to our healthcare problems.