Press ReleaseSeptember 18, 2019

Job Creators Network Foundation Praises Federal Reserve for Cutting Interest Rates

Washington, DC (September 18, 2019) – Today, the Federal Reserve announced that it will cut interest rates by one-quarter of a percentage point. 

Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF) released the following statement.

“The Fed’s decision to cut interest rates is welcome news for small business owners who rely on low rates to grow, invest, and hire more employees. Their decision to increase rates last year harmed both the small business community and the stock market and that is why today’s move cannot be underestimated.  JCNF has consistently opposed rate increases and supported cuts as the best way to build on the success of the Trump Administration’s economic policies.  With today’s cut, there is more reason to be optimistic that the best economy in half a century will not only continue but grow even stronger.”