Press ReleaseSeptember 23, 2021

Job Creators Network Endorses Sen. Rubio’s Mind Your Own Business Act

Washington, DC (September 23, 2021) — Today, Job Creators Network (JCN) endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio’s new legislation, the Mind Your Own Business Act. His bill provides a cause of action to shareholders who own stock in companies that take politicized actions.

Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, released the following statement: 

“‘Woke capital’ is out of control. So many companies – from Coke to Major League Baseball, from Bumble to Uber – have caved to left-wing activists and forced their consumers to either support their left-wing cause or keep their wallets closed. The ramifications for our economy are deeply troubling – creating the potential for a marketplace split by ideological conflict that will have only losers, no winners.  That’s why JCN sued Major League Baseball for moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta after Georgia passed its voting reform law. We sued MLB for financial damages to the Greater Atlanta community: $100 million in lost revenue.  But we also sued MLB to take a stand. We felt that it was necessary that someone yell ‘stop’ at all this corporate virtue-signaling that is hurting small businesses and their customers.  JCN fully supports Senator Rubio’s new bill, the Mind Your Own Business Act. His bill will discourage woke CEO’s from using shareholder money to support political causes that have nothing to do with their business.  We look forward to working with Senator Rubio to get this important bill passed and signed into law.”

To learn about JCN’s fight against MLB on behalf of Greater Atlanta small businesses go to