Press ReleaseNovember 28, 2018

68 Percent Say a $15-Minimum Wage will Result in Fewer Jobs

Washington, DC (November 28, 2018) – Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe that companies will do less hiring if the federal minimum wage were raised to $15 per hour, according to the Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse, released today.

“Raising the minimum wage to $15 is a key part of the Democrats’ agenda,” said Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation. “The data clearly indicates that most Americans think that would result in fewer jobs.”

Nearly three quarters of Americans (72 percent) say it’s likely that businesses will reduce hours for employees in response to a $15 minimum wage.

“Americans seem to understand better than a lot of politicians what happens when government mandates higher wages,” said Parker. “They know the money has to come from somewhere. If sales don’t increase enough to absorb the minimum wage increase, then workers will ultimately pay the price.”

A whopping 70 percent of Americans believe a $15/hour minimum wage would hurt small businesses more than big corporations. That could be another roadblock for members of the incoming House majority who will push to raise the rate.

“Small businesses are respected by Americans more than almost any other institution in society except the military,” said Parker. “Small business owners should start now educating their workers, their customers, and their elected representatives on how a $15 minimum wage will affect them.”

Seventy-three percent (73) of Americans say they support a higher minimum wage, but only half actually know the current rate, according to the Pulse.

“A lot of Americans don’t know the current rate, but most people have a pretty strong grasp of the basic economics,” said pollster Scott Rasmussen.

The Pulse will be testing the minimum wage next week as well to find out how much Americans know about an issue that Congress will likely debate next year.
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