Blog PostMarch 12, 2020

New Ad: Small Business is Too Big to Fail

The Job Creators Network, the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, is here to fight for you and will be with you through this crisis and beyond. 

Help us help you by telling us what can be done at the federal level to help you weather this storm. We’ll advocate for your good ideas to lawmakers on Capitol Hill so you can stay focused on keeping your doors open. Share your ideas at

In the meantime, we will start by focusing on three key policy measures that will mitigate the financial consequences and uncertainty of this coronavirus crisis: 

  1. Expedited Small Business Loans that can be processed quickly and easily, so you can meet payroll and cover other bills.
  2. Federally Funded Unemployment Benefits to provide your workers with a safety net in case of furloughs.
  3. A Payroll Tax Holiday for employers with fewer than 100 employees to reduce your cost of employment and avoid layoffs.

America’s 30 million small businesses employing 60 million hardworking people are the economic engine of the economy. You will continue to drive our growth through this crisis. Our overriding message to policymakers and government officials will continue to be: Small Business Is Too Big to Fail.


Alfredo Ortiz
President and CEO
Job Creators Network


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