Blog PostJune 5, 2015

EPA “fracking” study results should encourage energy production, jobs

The results of a much-anticipated study by the Environmental Protection Agency are finally out, confirming what a lot of energy industry folks have been saying for years – hydraulic fracturing – “fracking” – is not having “widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water.”

This study has been four years in the making, with widespread coverage including the Wall Street Journal:

“While the EPA report doesn’t recommend any specific action, it is already reinvigorating a yearslong debate over the role of fracking in the nation’s energy landscape. It also comes at a time when environmentalists have increasingly called to ban the practice outright, a step that two states with natural-gas resources—New York and Maryland—recently took”

Job Creators Network has highlighted the negative impact to New Yorkers that this ban has caused. Our video, “Borderland: One Energy Boom, Two States,” shows how the economic boom of fracking-friendly Pennsylvania is countered by the bust just across the state line into New York.

BorderlandNew York has been under a moratorium on fracking while research on its safety was underway. Now that the EPA has determined that fracking can be a safe process, JCN encourages policymakers there to consider what their counterparts in Texas have recently done – ban all fracking bans throughout the state which will benefit job creators, citizens and the nation’s energy supply.