Brad Anderson

  • Title: Former CEO and Vice Chairman, Best Buy Co.
  • Industry: Retail
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Brad spent 36 years at Best Buy Company, retiring in 2009 as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Vice Chairman. He began his career with Best Buy in 1973 as a commissioned salesperson for Sound of Music, the precursor to Best Buy. The core of his legacy at Best Buy is best exemplified in its evolution from a product-centered company to a customer-centric one where customer needs dictate what and how products are sold. Brad returned to the Best Buy board as a director, April 2013 – June 2016.

Until recently, Brad provided leadership on a variety of corporate boards: Carlson Companies, General Mills, and Waste Management (board chair). In the past, was also active in the community on several nonprofit boards: Mayo Clinic & American Public Media. He currently is on the board of the Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism and the board of the American Film Institute. He has also been a strong supporter of Job Creators Network since it’s founding and has done a number of media appearances on JCN’s behalf.