Blog PostDecember 30, 2023

Billboard: New Year’s Resolutions for Joe Biden

The Job Creators Network (JCN) put up a billboard in the heart of Times Square calling on the White House to make a handful of New Year’s resolutions to help small businesses. The move coincides with the street party that will take place in the area on Sunday evening for the famous ball drop. The comedic ad—which will have even more eyeballs than usual—highlights the administration’s harmful policy approach towards the economy, government spending, and regulations.

The billboard is headlined “HEY JOE! WE MADE YOU A LIST OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS” and features President Biden donning a celebratory hat. It goes on to list four New Year’s resolutions, which include:

1.)   Cut Back on Spending (That’s where inflation comes from!)

2.)   Be Nicer (To small businesses who can’t handle your regulations)

3.)   Quit Smoking (The economy is going up in flames)

4.)   Be Honest (Bidenomics isn’t working, stop saying it is!)

See the billboard here.