Become a JCN Advisor

Job Creators Network is looking for experienced small business owners to be a part of our JCN Advisor Council. There are 30 million small business owners in this country, and JCN needs your help to advance the cause on the local, state and federal level. The American people – and our elected officials – need to better understand how public policy impacts small business owners and their employees. That’s what Job Creators Network was formed to do: give small business owners a voice – and a platform.

  • Media training from Job Creator’s cracker-jack media training team.
  • Assistance in op-ed writing for placement in print and digital media.*
  • Pitching Advisors for interviews in local TV, radio and print media.
  • Training in how to lead grow our advisor network.
  • Participation in JCN’s 4 quarterly calls with national members.
  • Participation and networking opportunities at JCN’s annual meeting.
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Because when we’re fighting for small business, we’re fighting for America.

* Up to three op-eds.

Job Creators Network is a 501(c)(4)