About Us

Job Creators Network is a nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs like Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus who believe the best defense against bad government policy is a well-informed public. JCN advances this mission through the Employer to Employee education program (E2E).

JCN’s nonpartisan E2E program is strictly focused on empowering individuals through basic public policy education. JCN strongly supports the right of every employee to empower themselves with as much public policy information as possible, and more importantly the right of every individual to think for themselves and make their own private decision regarding what to do with that information.

JCN does not and will not endorse candidates, political parties nor partisan organizations created to advance the election of candidates.


Our Mission:

  • Involve employees in the fight to defend free enterprise.
  • Inform employees how government policies impact America’s jobs.
  • Inspire employees to become more informed citizens.



Alfredo Ortiz : President and Chief Executive Officer


Alfredo Ortiz is the president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, where he has led the defense of small businesses from the onslaught of bad government policies. Alfredo has testified before legislative committees about the impact of taxation and regulation on small business growth, and speaks frequently to business organizations across the nation about the need for job creators to seize responsibility for defending free enterprise.

He has been widely published in major media outlets, including USA Today, CNBC, The Hill, U.S. News & World Report, and The Orange County Register, and is a frequent guest on cable news networks and national radio talk shows, including CNN, Fox Business, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, and Dennis Prager Show. He is also a board member for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and an advisory board member for Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute.

Prior to joining JCN, Alfredo was Vice President of CSM Bakery Products’ Food Service Division. Alfredo was also a consultant at Boston Consulting Group in their Washington office, and has worked in marketing, new product development, and corporate strategy for Georgia Pacific, Kraft and others. Alfredo received his MBA at the University of Michigan and graduated from Pomona College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Born to poor immigrant parents in Southern California, Alfredo saw first-hand the importance of job creation and economic opportunity, as his parents fought for their piece of the American Dream.  Now he is grateful for the opportunity to lead an organization that can serve as advocates for the nearly 30 million small business owners in this country that are also fighting for their American Dream, and the nearly 60 million employees that are dependent on the success of these small business owners.

Phil Willard Chief Financial Officer

Phil Willard : Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer 


Phil is responsible for the financial planning and management of JCN to insure that the organization is being operated within the guidelines set forth for a 501c3. This includes short and long term planning to insure JCN has the necessary resources to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

Phil has a strong, diverse background in non-profits, service industry and manufacturing. He has over 25 years of senior financial leadership at the corporate level for companies such as Celanese, Terex Corporation, Reliant Worldwide Plastics.

Elaine Lutz Chief Communications Officer

Elaine Parker : Chief Communications Officer


Elaine Parker is Chief Communications Officer at the Job Creators Network. In her role she leads the organization’s overall strategic media, policy, and operational objectives as well as member outreach. Elaine speaks frequently to business organizations and small business owners to identify solutions to the issues they face and develop strategies to address them.

Prior to joining JCN, Elaine was a Public Relations Manager at Chrysler as well as an independent communications consultant developing media strategies and tactics in corporate, litigation, and crisis communications as well as public policy advocacy for high-profile clients like 5-Hour Energy. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

Our Team

Membership Services

Jenn L. Penn

Jenn L. Penn
Business Membership Services Sr. Director

Jenn.Penn@jobcreatorsnetwork.com • 720-937-2148

Jenn Penn serves as JCN’s Business Membership Services Sr. Director. Jenn has over 16 years of experience working in Colorado politics and over 6 years of experience working on employer to employee (E2E) engagement, communications and strategy. In her role as Membership Director, Jenn works with JCN State Directors and partners to set and reach strategic goals through engaging companies and associations.



David Reddick
State Chapter Development Director

David.Reddick@JobCreatorsNetwork.com • 770-852-5470

As the new State Chapter Development Director of Job Creators Network, David Reddick works alongside businesses, associations and entrepreneurs in the Peach State to support the growth and success of JCN nationally. He brings more than 15 years management, sales and marketing, and executive search experience to JCN and served as an executive with companies like United Technologies, Philip Morris and Coca-Cola.


Betty Braun
Events Director

Betty.Braun@jobcreatorsnetwork.com • 832-693-1633

Betty Braun serves as the Events Director for JCN. Betty manages JCN events with associations, business leaders and elected officials nationally. Betty has more than 15 years of experience executing events and management experience with companies such as, Anheuser Busch, Coors Brewing Company and 5-hour ENERGY®.


Tyronne Latchman
State Chapter and Membership Services Coordinator


Tyrone Latchman serves as JCN’s State Chapter & Membership Services Coordinator. He manages the relationship between JCN and its members by working across departments to provide opportune and tailored solutions. He oversees the CRM and manages data during the life cycle of member’s relationship. Tyrone has 15 years in the banking industry working for such companies as Bank of America, East West Bank and Pittsburgh National Corp. where he grew deposits, lead teams and advocated for clients.  He is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.



Sarah Lenti
Government Affairs and Coalitions Outreach Director

Sarah.Lenti@jobcreatorsnetwork.com • 202-768-7979

Sarah Lenti works as a policy consultant and political advisor to Republican Party leaders, elected officials, up-and-coming candidates, executives, and even a rock & roll band. She is the CEO and founder of SML Advisory Partners.

Starting off as a Russian & East European Studies graduate student from Stanford University, Sarah has a varied background. She commenced with a career in defense contracting work, then quickly moved to enter the policy/political world, joining the George W. Bush 2000 campaign in Austin.


Fernando Silva

Fernando Silva
National Hispanic Coalitions Director

Fernando.Silva@jobcreatorsnetwork.com • 202-768-8278

Fernando Silva serves as National Hispanic Coalitions Director for JCN. In this capacity he develops relationships with Hispanic CEO’s and national associations representing the Hispanic businesses and leads all South Florida efforts. He also serves as Chair of Corporate Relations for the South Florida Chapter Board of NSHMBA. In addition to his work in the nonprofit sector, he has held positions in independent agencies and Fortune 500 insurance companies. He is a graduate of the University of Miami and is finishing his Masters in Finance at Florida International University.



Scott Hantler
Millennial Coalitions Director  


Scott serves as the Millennial Coalitions Director for JCN. Scott develops relationships with young professionals associations, young entrepreneurs, and millennial businesses nationally. He has experience in public relations, social media management, and digital media production. He has held positions with Fortune 500 media companies and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.


Serenity Richardson
Social Media and Events Coordinator 

Media Contact

Jackson Shedelbower
Job Creators Network
(470) 223-7356