About Us

Job Creators Network is a nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs like Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus who believe that government policies are breaking the backs of business owners and killing job creation.

Job Creators believes the best defense against bad government policies is a well-informed public and does this through its Employer to Employee education program. (E2E)


Our Mission:

  • Involve employees in the fight to defend free enterprise.
  • Inform employees how government policies impact America’s jobs.
  • Inspire employees to become more informed citizens.



Alfredo Ortiz : President and Chief Executive Officer


Alfredo Ortiz has been the President and CEO of Job Creators Network (JCN) since January 2014. He is also a board member for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and an advisory board member for Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute.

He has testified before legislative committees about the impact of bad government policy on job creation, and speaks frequently to business organizations across the nation about the need for job creators to seize responsibility for defending free enterprise, both in the communities where they live and the communities they’ve created – their workplaces. His advocacy for the voice of job creators has appeared in newspapers such as the Detroit Free Press, the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the South Florida Business Journal, and many others. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, including The Frank Beckmann Show, on Detroit’s WJR-760 AM, and the nationally syndicated Dennis Prager Show.

Prior to joining JCN, Alfredo was Vice President of CSM Bakery Products’ Food Service Division, a $2 billion global food company, where he was responsible for increasing national account penetration five-fold and leading a major broker realignment and trade system implementation. Alfredo was also a consultant at Boston Consulting Group in their Washington office, and has worked in marketing, new product development and corporate strategy for Georgia Pacific, Kraft and others.

Alfredo received his MBA in 1993 at the University of Michigan and graduated from Pomona College in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Phil Willard Chief Financial Officer

Phil Willard : Chief Financial Officer


Phil is responsible for the financial planning and management of JCN to insure that the organization is being operated within the guidelines set forth for a 501c3. This includes short and long term planning to insure JCN has the necessary resources to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

Phil has a strong, diverse background in non-profits, service industry and manufacturing. He has over 25 years of senior financial leadership at the corporate level for companies such as Celanese, Terex Corporation, Reliant Worldwide Plastics.

Elaine Lutz Vice President Communications

Elaine Lutz : Chief Marketing Officer


Elaine Lutz is Chief Marketing Officer for Job Creators Network. In her role she leads the organization’s overall strategic media objectives and outreach for members and develops policy positions for the organization.

Elaine has 12 years of progressive experience in corporate communications as an independent consultant. Her experience includes developing media strategies and tactics designed to protect corporate reputation, litigation communications, public policy advocacy and crisis communications.

Media Contact

Ted Peterson: Media Associate


National Outreach


Kierstin Koppel
National Coalitions Director
Director of Young Entrepreneurs

Kierstin.Koppel@jobcreatorsnetwork.com • 786-618-3402

Kierstin Koppel serves as JCN’s Director of National Coalitions and Young Entrepreneurs. In this capacity, she leads outreach to business owners, entrepreneurs and associations who make up the next generation of America’s top CEOs. A graduate of Florida International University, Kierstin earned vital experience at a national strategy company in Washington, DC and non-profit groups like SunPAC, The Libre Initiative and on the 2012 presidential campaign trail. She is also a part owner in her family business, directing the marketing and business development.

State Directors


COLORADO : Sarah Lenti

Sarah.Lenti@JobCreatorsNetwork.com • 202-768-7979

Sarah Lenti works as a policy consultant and political advisor to Republican Party leaders, elected officials, up-and-coming candidates, executives, and even a rock & roll band. She is the CEO and founder of SML Advisory Partners.

Starting off as a Russian & East European Studies graduate student from Stanford University, Sarah has a varied background. She commenced with a career in defense contracting work, then quickly moved to enter the policy/political world, joining the George W. Bush 2000 campaign in Austin.


FLORIDA : Deborah Cox-Roush

debbie.coxroush@JobCreatorsNetwork.com • 813-609-5074

As the Job Creators Network Director for the State of Florida, Deborah Cox-Roush is in charge of state wide recruitment of business leaders, small business owners and entrepreneurs who ardently support and defend free enterprise. Deborah is working to build a network of partnerships with business organizations and coalitions as well as individual job creators and helping these business leaders educate their employees on important policy issues that affect their paychecks and prosperity.

Deborah is also a small business owner. Her business, C & L Creative Solutions, LLC is a consultation and event planning company specializing in event planning, issue oriented campaigns and volunteer coordination. Deborah also served for more than 30 years as the General Manager for Concessions and Catering by Cox, a family owned company that provides catering and event services across the country. Deborah has also spent many years as a grassroots activist and involved in many statewide and national political campaigns.


SOUTH FLORIDA : Sylvia Franco

sylvia.franco@JobCreatorsNetwork.com • 786-574-5437

Sylvia Franco has worked in communications, marketing, and business development for the U.S. Hispanic market for over 15 years. She has also lived and worked in Latin America and Europe where she has gained a global perspective on today’s ever-changing markets.

Previous to her work in politics, Franco worked as a Senior Editor in the digital realm for Telefonica. After four consecutive years of successfully increasing profitability and brand recognition through content creation and development, Franco moved to Madrid, Spain, where she joined the Global team and managed content and marketing for the U.S. and Latin America. Franco also has ample work in the television industry where she worked as a producer and on-air reporter.

Sylvia Franco Garcia is now the CEO of Inclusion Strategy Group which focuses on helping clients reach into niche markets through marketing, communications, and strategy. ISG also offers strategic and U.S. Hispanic consultancy. Franco is also the new State Director for South Florida for the Job Creators Network.



David.Reddick@JobCreatorsNetwork.com • 770-852-5470

As the new Georgia State Director of Job Creators Network, David Reddick works alongside businesses, associations and entrepreneurs in the Peach State to support the growth and success of JCN nationally. He brings more than 15 years management, sales and marketing, and executive search experience to JCN and served as an executive with companies like United Technologies, Philip Morris and Coca-Cola.



david.tille@JobCreatorsNetwork.com • 603-782-4063

David Tille is the Director of Job Creators Network in New Hampshire, where he is building and managing a network of business owners, entrepreneurs, and employers who want to preserve free enterprise and will help educate their employees on public policies that impact their jobs and our economy.

David is a public relations consultant who has managed pro-business and limited government grassroots public policy initiatives. He served as a senior Congressional adviser in the areas of Energy, Telecommunications, International Trade, Foreign Relations, Housing, and Veterans Affairs. David also managed and consulted on numerous political campaigns in the Granite State.

David is a United States Army veteran who served in active duty as a Russian Linguist and Analyst on Russia and Eastern Europe earning two meritorious service medals . He also served in the New Hampshire Army National Guard as a public affairs specialist to the 197th Fires Brigade.