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JCN CEO Brad Anderson: The Argument for Tax Inversions

Retired chief executive officer and vice chairman of the board for Best Buy Co., Inc., a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services. Began his service with Best Buy in 1973 as a commissioned sales person for the Sound of Music, the precursor to Best Buy.

Founder Dick Schulze recognized the success of Anderson’s retail operations expertise and named him vice president in 1981. Anderson worked closely with Schulze on all of the major strategic initiatives that transformed and grew Best Buy, including the move to a noncommissioned store staff and the decision to let customers browse for themselves in warehouse style stores.

In 1986, Anderson was promoted to executive vice president and was elected to Best Buy’s Board of Directors. In April 1991, he was promoted to president and chief operating officer. Anderson was named vice chairman in 2001, and in June 2002, he assumed the position of chief executive officer.

Earned an associate degree from Waldorf College and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver.