Blog PostFebruary 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day Despair over the American Dream

New poll shows the American dream is seen as "out of reach."

This Valentine’s Day, Job Creators Network celebrates love of the American Dream and the free enterprise system that has led to boundless opportunity for generations.

But according to a new poll, more and more Americans see this dream as being out of reach. And that is heartbreaking, especially when our own government is responsible for much of the pessimism.

The McClatchy-Marist poll found 80 percent of Americans think it’s harder to get ahead than ever before, and 78 percent believing the next generation will find it even more difficult to succeed. And many point the finger squarely at Washington:

“Most think the middle class is hurt most by government policies. Fifty-five percent think the middle class is most likely to be left behind by those actions, while another 40 percent said the poor would be hurt the most.”

The director of Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted the poll says these attitudes have been building for years, “People just feel that those in Washington are not looking out for them,” he said. “They really feel a disconnect.” 

Job Creators Network agrees that those in Washington are not looking out for them, or theentrepreneurs and job creators who can pave the way for their prosperity. 

JCN believes government policies that lead to over-taxation and over-regulation are the greatest threat to the American system of free enterprise, which ensures free initiative and fair competition.

EPA regulations, for instance, threatens 16,000 jobs for every $1 billion spent on compliance.

The Affordable Care Act is redefining the entire American workforce by changing what full-time means and thus hours spent on the job, making it less desirable for many people to even want to work and threatening criminal charges against employers who are honest with their employees about the ACA’s impact on jobs.

Small business creates two-thirds of all new jobs; these companies are the key to lasting economic recovery. It is time our policymakers listened to both despairing Americans and real job creators on the problems preventing job growth.

JCN exists because we believe in defending and preserving the American Dream. And we believe that no American should think a prosperous future is out of reach.