Thank You Sen. Manchin For Standing Up For West Virginia’s Small Businesses

Add your name to our letter to Sen. Joe Manchin thanking him for standing tall and defending small businesses in West Virginia. The Job Creators Network will be presenting Senator Manchin with these names and publishing it as an ad in a West Virginia newspaper. Add your name below!

Senator Joe Manchin,

Small businesses are the beating heart of the West Virginia economy—employing nearly half of all workers in the Mountain State. As the state’s job creators, we thank you for standing up for the small business community and holding the line against the “Build Back Broke” reconciliation package. We encourage you to continue being the voice of reason.

The multi-trillion dollar legislative package threatens to accelerate the already quick inflation we are currently experiencing.

Prices are rising at the fastest pace in 30 years. Gas, beef, and heating fuel prices are up 50, 20, and 60 percent respectively. Small businesses are meanwhile navigating a tight labor market that is understandably demanding higher wages to cover ballooning household expenses. Unfortunately, the math doesn’t add up for entrepreneurs who are, at the same time, balancing climbing operational costs and supply chain disruptions. As a result, many companies are attempting to function with a skeleton staff.

Piling on more reckless spending will add lighter fluid to an already raging economic dumpster fire that is engulfing the small business community.

In addition to fanning the flames of inflation, the legislation will give individuals and small businesses a bigger tax headache. And no, these are not the “one-percenters.” An analysis from the Tax Policy Center estimates 20 to 30 percent of middle-class Americans, which includes many pass-through small businesses that file through the individual code, will owe more taxes.

Other provisions compromise the free market by empowering the federal government to pick winners and losers. West Virginia’s energy industry is one area that is set to be hosed. Other free market manipulations include applying price controls to prescription drugs, which will hamper innovation and slow the pipeline of new lifesaving treatments, therapies, and vaccines coming to market.

The “Build Back Broke” package should be a nonstarter for any lawmaker in Washington who truly cares about the small business community. I’m glad we can count on you as an ally in our fight to recover from the pandemic and beyond.