Stop the Stimulus Scam

The current $1.9 trillion stimulus package would spend more than a trillion dollars on non-Covid related projects and policies. Since this isn’t money the government has socked away for a rainy day, but cash they will need to pay back in the future in the form of taxes, the Job Creators Network demands that Democrats in Congress trim this bloated bill. Americans need financial help and small businesses desperately need assistance to keep their doors open. But this bill is filled with pet projects like Schumer’s $150 million bridge to Canada, $50 million in grants to left-wing environmental groups, and $800 million for foreign food aid—all things that have little relation to Covid. The current bill even includes a $15 minimum wage which will cause job loss and hurt small businesses already struggling to break even.

Please sign the petition below, calling on Congress to provide TARGETED, responsible relief to American small businesses and their employees. Tell Democrats to stop using Covid relief as an excuse to fund pet projects and borrow even more money against future generations.