Stand Against Racial and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Demand more Scrutiny of the NLRB under Chair Lauren McFerran’s Leadership

Under Lauren McFerran’s National Labor Relations Board, sexist and racist language is considered fair game in the workplace when union supporters are engaging in union activity.

In this video, the co-founder of the Teamsters’ Amazon Labor Union can be seen hurling insults and demeaning slurs against a female employee while trying to run a union organizing campaign.

Most employers would agree that the kind of vulgarity featured in this video is unwarranted harassment. Most employers would take disciplinary action against such illegal activity in the workplace.

But the NLRB is preventing employers from protecting their employees and firing union organizers who engage in such conduct.

NLRB chair Lauren McFerran and other Biden-appointed Democrats on the Board have ruled that this type of abusive behavior is acceptable when furthering union interests.

In fact, under McFerran’s ruling, union organizers can be reinstated and given back pay. Why the special treatment? Because McFerran places union organizing activity above the civil rights of workers to operate in an environment free from harassment.

Several organizations are working with Congress to restore civility during union organizing so union organizers can’t get away with harassing their fellow workers.

Yet if President Biden and big labor Democrats have their way, Lauren McFerran will be confirmed to serve as chair of the NLRB for another 5- year term, which means workers will continue to be subjected to racist and sexist language with no consequences.

Join our Coalition and demand more scrutiny and oversight of the NLRB before it’s too late!