Press ReleaseApril 18, 2019

Weekly Pulse Polling: Americans are Unaware of Tax Cuts’ Positive Effects

Despite the facts, tax reform opponents have poisoned the well and convinced many Americans that the historic tax cuts are not working for them.

Washington, D.C. (April 18, 2019) – In conjunction with Tax Day, Job Creators Network/ Weekly Pulse polling investigated how knowledgeable the public is about measuring financial savings that resulted from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. According to the Treasury Department, roughly 90 percent of wage earners experienced savings under the new tax law, but the polling reveals that many Americans don’t believe that’s true.

Questions revealed:

  • Only 20 percent of people believe they paid less in federal taxes this year compared to last year—while 36 percent say they paid about the same.
  • 24 percent of people wrongly believe comparing this year’s tax refund to last year’s is the best way to determine whether they paid more or less in federal taxes.

“While a vast majority of Americans benefited financially from the tax cuts legislation—paying less this year compared to the last—public opinion seems to be following an alternative reality,” said Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation. “It’s clear the critics of the tax bill have been successful in poisoning the narrative and making lemons out of lemonade. The tax cuts are clearly working and we need to be able to better educate the public on that fact.”

Other poll questions revealed that personal finances remain strong with 80 percent of respondents saying their finances are either getting better or remaining the same.

“It’s reassuring that Americans are still feeling confident about their personal financial situation and the broader economy,” said pollster Scott Rasmussen. “Although Democrats continue to downplay the impacts of current administration policies, the persistently strongly economy and positive outlook on personal finances will be a big advantage for Republicans going into 2020.”

Other polling questions this week included:

How would you rate the US economy today? Excellent (13%), Good (37%), Fair (32%), Poor (13%), Not sure (5%).

Is the economy getting better or worse? Better (32%), Worse (23%), About the same (37%), Not sure (8%).

Okay, how would you rate your own personal finances these days?  Excellent (11%), Good (40%), Fair (31%), Poor (16%), Not sure (2%).

Are your personal finances getting better or worse? Better (32%), Worse (17%), About the same (48%), Not sure (3%).

Are companies in your area more likely to be hiring new workers or laying off existing workers? Hiring new workers (45%), Laying off existing workers (19%), Not sure (36%).

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This Job Creators Network/ poll of 1,126 registered voters was conducted April 15-16, 2019. For more information about the Job Creators Network, please visit