Press ReleaseJanuary 27, 2022

Times Square Billboard Calls Out Biden for ‘DemFlation’

Washington, D.C. (January 27, 2022)—Today, the Job Creators Network (JCN) erected a billboard in the heart of Times Square spotlighting the high inflation that small businesses and all Americans are experiencing under the Biden administration. Fueled by out-of-control government spending, consumer prices are rising at the quickest pace in 40 years.

The billboard features an animated ticker that displays year-over-year price increases for a wide range of products—including bacon, gasoline, meat & eggs, heating oil, and used cars. The price of bacon, for example, has jumped by 18.6 percent since December 2020. The billboard’s headline reads, “HEY JOE, STOP THE MALARKY! INFLATION IS REAL.” And it concludes, “Small Businesses and All Americans Are Feeling the Pain.”

The ad directs onlookers to









Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO, released the following statement:

“Inflation is the ultimate regressive tax that sucker punches low- to middle-income families and small businesses. Now, reckless government spending under the Biden administration has contributed to 40-year high consumer price increases that are outpacing worker wage gains, leaving employees with what is effectively a pay cut. Small businesses, meanwhile, are grappling with ballooning costs of input materials and facing customers who are understandably not sympathetic to covering the difference. Small businesses are hit even harder by inflation than the topline numbers suggest because they don’t have the same purchasing power or ability to enter into long-term contracts as their big business competitors. Biden refuses to listen to these small business concerns, only inviting big businesses to his White House meeting on his spending plans this week. ‘DemFlation’ is real and voters should hold Biden and his congressional allies accountable.”