Press ReleaseMay 30, 2023

The Fiscal Responsibility Act Implements Several Key Conservative Priorities

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement on the Fiscal Responsibility Act:

“The more we examine the Fiscal Responsibility Act, the better it looks for American taxpayers and small businesses. In addition to reining in inflationary spending and clawing back unspent Covid-19 relief funds, the bill features several conservative priorities that will improve the nation’s economy and fiscal situation. It includes welfare work requirements, which will help overcome the ongoing labor shortage facing small businesses. It significantly limits executive overreach by implementing pay-go rules that force the executive branch to find offsetting savings to fund their regulations.

“The legislation modernizes permitting and reforms oppressive green legislation to empower small businesses to finally build great projects again. It also requires student loan payments to resume, saving taxpayers billions of dollars a month. And it cuts IRS funding, limiting the agency’s ability to attack small businesses with audits. Altogether, the Fiscal Responsibility Act implements many of the provisions in Job Creators Network’s American Small Businesses Prosperity Plan, an eight-point policy playbook to bring small businesses and the economy back. All commonsense Americans concerned about the nation’s economy and fiscal situation should support it.”