Press ReleaseFebruary 27, 2023

Supreme Court Hears Job Creators Network Foundation’s Challenge to Biden Administration’s Student Loan Bailout Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Job Creators Network Foundation’s challenge to the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness program. Elaine Parker, president of JCNF, released the following statement:

“JCNF is challenging Biden’s student loan bailout process in order to address the root cause of the student debt crisis: college overcharging. Student loans are merely a symptom of the underlying disease of out-of-control college tuition that has grown by more than twice the inflation rate over the past few decades. Biden’s loan forgiveness program would only worsen this problem by failing to hold colleges accountable and giving them a blank check to continue price gouging. By blocking this student loan bailout process, the Supreme Court can set the stage for bipartisan action to effectively reform the higher ed cartel and reverse runaway college costs burdening so many.”