Press ReleaseJanuary 27, 2023


Job Creators Network Foundation: “Biden’s bailout does nothing to actually solve” student debt crisis

Today, challengers to the Biden administration’s student loan bailout filed their brief with the Supreme Court, arguing that President Biden lacked the legal authority to implement the policy.

The Job Creators Network Foundation’s (JCNF) lawsuit on behalf of two plaintiffs is the only case that has won at every step of the legal process, including a victory on the question of standing.

“It’s true that students are drowning in debt, and that this has become a crisis, but Biden’s bailout does nothing to actually solve it,” said JCNF President Elaine Parker. “Colleges and universities, which keep raising tuitions while sitting on a $700 billion mountain of endowments, should own up to their own role in this crisis and work with lawmakers to devise a solution that does not leave taxpayers on the hook.”

The brief in the case of U.S. Department of Education v. Brown, et al. addresses two questions that will be at the heart of the Supreme Court’s deliberations when oral arguments commence on February 28. First, it makes the case that the respondents have Article III standing to challenge the legality of the Biden administration’s student loan bailout. Second, it presents a comprehensive argument that the bailout was not adopted in a procedurally proper manner.

“Congress has explicitly outlined mandatory procedures for regulations affecting student loans, but the Biden administration is ignoring the law in order to appease a political constituency,” said Parker. “If this program were allowed to go forward, it would provide a blank check to every subsequent administration, enabling future presidents to bypass the legislative process on matters large and small.”

Read the full brief here.

REF: Case # 22-535

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