Press ReleaseMarch 16, 2023

Secretary Yellen Desperately Tries to Lend Economist Credence to Biden’s Big Government Approach

Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement on Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s testimony before the Senate today:

“Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen desperately tried to lend economist credence to President Biden’s destructive tax-and-spend approach that has caused historic inflation, ballooned the debt, and raised taxes on small businesses. Yellen tried to make the ridiculous claim that doubling down on this big government approach by passing Biden’s proposed budget would help the economy rather than hurt it. In reality, Yellen lost her economic credibility in her last testimony when she called inflation “transitory.” She is a left-wing activist in economist clothing. The American public and their elected officials should ignore her partisan political pronouncements in favor of their own common sense about how Democrats’ deficit spending and tax increases have impacted the economy and the value of the dollar.”