Press ReleaseAugust 25, 2022

Sanders Promotes False Equivalence Between Student Loan Bailout and Paycheck Protection Program

Washington, DC (August 25, 2022) – Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement in response to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ recent tweet comparing the student loan bailout to the Paycheck Protection Program:

“Sen. Bernie Sanders claims that Biden’s student loan bailout for six-figure earners is equivalent to the Paycheck Protection Program lifeline to small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a false equivalence. PPP loans were a necessary response to forced government shutdowns of businesses so they could maintain their payroll. Student loans are a voluntary investment that generally more than pays off in the form of higher career earnings. In addition, the student loan bailout is illegal executive overreach while the PPP was passed by Congress.

Senator Sanders is smart enough to know the difference but he’s taking a page out of Joe Biden’s playbook and lying to the American people in hopes of pushing more of his progressive agenda.”