Press ReleaseNovember 9, 2022

Republican Governors Rewarded for Successful Policies Managing Covid-19 and Their Economies

Washington D.C. – Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of Job Creators Network, released the following statement in response to last night’s midterm elections:

“Republican Governors who successfully managed a once-in-a-century pandemic and a challenging economic environment won resounding victories in last night’s elections. Voters clearly rewarded these governors for resisting federal pressure from the Biden administration to close their economies and put onerous restrictions on small businesses. They kept their economies open and empowered their small businesses with sound policies to allow them to flourish despite historic challenges. And they have been vindicated for it.

“Job Creators Network worked with many of these governors, such as reelected Govs. Kemp, Noem, and Reynolds, as part of our Great Opportunity Project, which highlights and promotes the best policies from the state level, including through a significant ad campaign on Spanish-language radio. These state laboratories of democracy indicate the best path forward to jumpstart the national economy and provide a template for other pro-small business policymakers and candidates to follow.”

Watch Great Opportunity Project video testimonials by Govs. Kemp, Noem, and Reynolds here.