Press ReleaseJuly 30, 2013

President’s Jobs Plan a Tax Hike

Hiring Government Workers Isn't a Plan

(DALLAS, TX) The co-founder of Job Creators Alliance today called President Barack Obama’s job creation proposal “no solution” and decried the administration’s plan as “another tax hike on American businesses struggling to create jobs.”

“The President’s plan proposes to take more money from job creators and spend it on Washington’s favorite business ideas,” Staples founder and former CEO Tom Stemberg said. “At a time when our economy begs for real job creation, this is different from the failed Stimulus plan in two ways: It’s not as big, and it has a different name.”

“An overhaul of corporate taxes must be paired with a rewrite of the tax code for individuals, because many small businesses file via the individual tax code. It is not clear if the President’s plan does this,” Stemberg said. “And revenue from closing tax breaks must be used to reduce corporate taxes – in a way that neither adds to nor subtracts from the deficit. Unfortunately, what we heard today will likely end up as another net tax hike on Main Street businesses struggling to create jobs.”

“We agree with the President that the corporate tax code is unnecessarily complex, business pays too much and this hurts our global competitiveness. We also believe him when he says he wants to help hard working Americans. But taxing job creators more in order to hire more temporary government workers is no solution,” said Stemberg, who also co-founded Job Creators Alliance.

“Profligate government spending is not a strategy for growth, and without real growth our economy simply cannot support private sector job creation,” Stemberg said.


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