Press ReleaseNovember 19, 2013

Physicians “The Strongest Critics of Obamacare”

Doctors and CEOs Agree: the ACA Must Not Stand

(ATLANTA, GA) – The president of Job Creators Network today called physicians “the strongest critics of Obamacare,” citing a newly released survey of thousands of doctors that showed the vast majority of the profession expects dire consequences from the Affordable Care Act.

“While the public is focused on a broken Web site and millions of policy cancellations, America’s doctors are emerging as the strongest critics of the new healthcare law,” Alfredo Ortiz, president of Job Creators Network (JCN) said. “I was especially stunned to find out that 80 percent of American doctors believe healthcare costs will increase for patients with health insurance and 76 percent believe overall healthcare costs would rise.”

“The problem with the new law is not what it tries to do, but what it fails to do: control healthcare costs. And nobody knows that better than your doctor,” Ortiz said. “These surging costs are forcing business leaders to hold off on investment, halt job creation and cut full time employees to part time hours.

According to a November 8-12 Jackson & Coker industry survey of 3,072 physicians from across all medical specialties, 73 percent of doctors surveyed said patients will have less choice in picking their doctor due to the ACA while 60 percent said the quality of patient care would be negatively impacted by the law. The survey also revealed that 56 percent of doctors want the law repealed or defunded and 44 percent will not participate in the new healthcare exchanges at all.

“The research highlights remarkable criticism of the Affordable Care Act among our nation’s physicians,” said Rick Jackson, Jackson Healthcare CEO and a member of the Job Creators Network. “It is important to recognize that doctors are traveling the same information path as America’s job creators: the more we know about this law, the louder our calls for reform. Today, doctors and CEOs agree: the Affordable Care Act must not stand.”

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