Press ReleaseNovember 8, 2013

October Jobs Report: Stuck in Neutral

No surprises; More should be done to create jobs
(DALLAS, TX) – The President of the Job Creators Network today said the October jobs report revealed that unemployment is stuck in neutral and said more should be done to create jobs.
“While any uptick in job growth is good news we still believe America can do far better when it comes to creating jobs,” Job Creators Network president Alfredo Ortiz said. “This increase in the unemployment rate is proof our economy is still not creating enough jobs to put America back to work.”

Ortiz pointed to a federal government that won’t make a serious effort to change the course from over-regulation, higher taxes, and a clearly failed health care law, each of which holds back hiring and produces no change in our disappointing unemployment rate. 204,000 new jobs were created in October, and the official unemployment rate ticked upward to 7.3 percent from 7.2 percent.

The CEO’s of the Job Creators Network believe the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate should be delayed for a year, just like it has been for business, so real cost-cutting, patient-empowering reforms can be made – and so the law’s negative impact on jobs can be eliminated. Medical malpractice reform should be part of any new healthcare reform: Lawyers cause doctors to practice defensive medicine, ordering needless tests to cover themselves in case they are sued.

Medical malpractice abuse drives up costs for everyone’s medicine and gives the money to trial lawyers. Georgia is one state showing the way to reforms with a law now moving through the state Legislature: it’s like workers compensation; an expert board decides.

“If we want an economy that is driving forward, rather than stuck neutral, Washington needs to get out of the way and let entrepreneurs take the wheel,” Ortiz said.

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