Press ReleaseMarch 9, 2020

NEW SURVEY: Small Business Owners Overwhelmingly Want Free Market Healthcare Solution

Nearly 80 percent of respondents want free market run healthcare, not government run

Washington, DC (March 9, 2020)— A survey conducted by the Job Creators Network asked business owners (with less than 500 employees) about their current business outlook, policy concerns, and hopes for the election year. The survey findings are based on responses from 703 local business owners.

JCN asked small business owners if they would prefer the government to run healthcare—such as Medicare for All or a Public Option—or the free market. 79.4 percent chose healthcare rooted in the free market.

According to the results, when asked how the Trump administration has handled economic issues, 66 percent of small business owners responded with “good” or “great.”

The top three policy areas that concern respondents are high taxes (56.7 percent), healthcare (39.8 percent), and the impact of coronavirus (37.6 percent).

When asked who they would vote for if the election was held tomorrow and the Democratic candidate was Joe Biden, more than 73 percent said they would vote for Donald Trump. Likewise, when asked the same question with Bernie Sanders as the nominee, more than 77 percent said they would vote for the current president.

“The results speak for themselves: small business owners are thriving and attribute much of their continued success to the pro-growth policies pushed by the current administration,” said Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network. “Additionally, the support for free market healthcare reform aligns with recent efforts of the Job Creators Network Foundation and Physicians for Reform. The Healthcare for You framework aims to inject choice and competition into the healthcare market–giving Americans the decision-making power they want and deserve. Entrepreneurs don’t want a progressive or socialist playing puppet master with businesses and the economy. The free market should be doing the heavy lifting.”

Please contact us for full survey results.

This Job Creators network poll of 703 US small business owners was conducted from 3/4-3/9 in an online survey with a margin of error of +-4 percent.