Press ReleaseMarch 17, 2020

New National Commercial: Job Creators Network Calls on Main Street Businesses to Share Their Needs

JCN continues to advocate for small businesses at the federal level during this crisis

Washington, D.C. (March 17, 2020)—The Job Creators Network (JCN) is running a new commercial Wednesday, March 18, on Fox Business during Mornings with Maria, Varney & Co., and Lou Dobbs Tonight. The commercial is a reminder to Main Street businesses that JCN will help them weather this health emergency. JCN is relaying the concerns and advice of small business owners to the Trump Administration and Congress during the economic challenges resulting from COVID-19. Already, JCN has been instrumental in making sure the needs of small business owners, their employees and families are at the forefront of all relief efforts.

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, has been in constant contact with members of the administration, including U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

“During this difficult time for many small businesses, JCN has been working closely with the administration and leaders in Congress to ensure that those on Main Street will not be left behind,” said Ortiz. “As we move forward with stimulus packages and economic relief, we encourage small business owners to contact us with their specific needs or ideas on how we can best support them during these challenging times.”

You can watch the full ad here, and small business owners can share their ideas at

A transcript of the commercial can be found here:

America’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The Job Creators Network is helping small business owners deal with the economic crisis brought on by Coronavirus. The Trump Administration and government officials are working to help all Americans, and JCN is in direct communications with them to make sure recovery efforts specifically help small businesses and their employees. Tell us your ideas about how the government can help small businesses and find out what’s already in the works at Job Creators Network dot com.