Press ReleaseJune 19, 2013

Most CEOs Fear Federal Government Targeting

66 Percent Believe Washington More Hostile To Business

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(DALLAS, TX) The Job Creators Alliance released a nationwide survey today that found most small business owners fear they will be targeted by the federal government if they speak out about national policies. The poll, announced during National Small Business Week, also proved that 66 percent of small business owners believe Washington has become more hostile toward free enterprise.

Poll“This poll shows that small business CEOs are keenly aware of federal government overreach and they’re afraid they’ll get tangled up in it,” Staples founder and former CEO Tom Stemberg said. “This is par for the course in a business world where most leaders feel real hostility from their government and have grave concerns about growing federal mandates.” Stemberg is a member of the Job Creators Alliance (JCA).

Business leaders’ new fear of retribution comes after several months of reports that business leaders who criticized the new health care law were pummeled by organized campaigns to squash their dissent. Business owners with Denny’s and Five Guys franchises have been pounded by precise telephone and email campaigns while national companies like Papa John’s, Universal Orlando Resorts, Darden, and more were unfairly targeted with well-organized rapid reaction efforts. No group has taken credit – or been exposed – for these successful intimidation programs.

The survey of 600 small business owners with up to 100 employees also revealed sustained concern among business owners about the new national health care law. A January JCA poll showed 60 percent believed Obamacare would have a negative impact on their business. Six months later, the survey released today showed the same 60 percent remain worried about the new law.

“This survey underlines recent disappointing unemployment reports: CEOs are facing a real roadblock to investment and expansion with Obamacare,” said Ron Lazof, former CEO of Behr Processing and a member of JCA. “Not only are job creators on the hook financially, six months after our first poll they still don’t know what to expect with the new health care law. The administration has not cleared up that uncertainty.”

The JCA poll, conducted last week by On Message Inc., also revealed that half of America’s small business owners now believe the national debt is so big that it negatively affects their business. The survey also found 71 percent of small business owners oppose Congress raising the debt limit in imminent negotiations. Remarkably, 51 percent of small business owners registered as Democrats oppose raising the limit – a dramatic departure from conventional sentiment among registered Democrats.

“Our country’s small business owners say higher taxes, Obamacare and new regulations will all hurt their growth and plans to hire more people,” said Stemberg. “We will continue to see stagnant job growth until policymakers stop being so hostile toward commerce and business owners regain confidence that they won’t be the victim of the next Washington attack.”


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