Press ReleaseMarch 20, 2018

Job Creators Networks Urges Kudlow to Focus on Educating the Public on Tax Cuts

JCN says new head of National Economic Council should engage Americans directly on how the tax cuts are creating opportunities

Washington, DC (March 21, 2018) – Newly appointed Director of the National Economic Council Lawrence Kudlow should focus on explaining the benefits of tax cuts to small business owners and working Americans who are getting mixed messages from Congress and the media.

“The Republicans are talking about making them permanent, and the Democrats are promising to repeal them,” said JCN CEO Alfredo Ortiz. “The undeniable fact is that the tax cuts are working, and no one is better able to explain that than Larry Kudlow.”

Kudlow, former chief economist for a major investment firm and long-time financial analyst, was named last week to be the President’s top economic advisor. He should also be the country’s top economics educator, said Ortiz.

“The tax cuts are on the ballot this November. We would urge Director Kudlow to spend a lot of time between now and then doing what he does best, which is to explain to ordinary Americans how the tax cuts have unleashed businesses of every size to create jobs, grow the economy, and spread prosperity to the middle class.”

Several weeks ago, JCN launched a nationwide campaign to promote the benefits of the tax cuts called Tax Cuts Work. The group is currently funding a seven-figure media campaign aimed at educating the public and collecting real-life stories from business owners who are reinvesting their savings in new jobs, higher wages, and new capital. Next month, JCN will kick off a nationwide bus tour bringing its message to communities from coast to coast.

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