Press ReleaseMarch 7, 2024

Job Creators Network’s Statement on the State of the Union

Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of Job Creators Network, issued the following statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address tonight:

“The State of the Union is not strong. Americans are facing a cost-of-living crisis, high crime, and an unsecured southern border as a direct result of Democrats’ failed policies led by perpetrator-in-chief Joe Biden. Instead of taking accountability for these pressing national challenges, Biden is promising policies that will bring more of the same.

“Biden’s SOTU doubles down on the same old big government policies that are responsible for rising costs and declining living standards in the first place. Instead of raising taxes and increasing spending, the nation urgently needs to reduce inflationary spending and make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent. Instead of political distractions, we need district attorneys who will prosecute crime and get dangerous offenders off our streets. Instead of more government in healthcare, we need free-market reforms that will make it more affordable. Instead of a war on small businesses, we need pro-growth reforms that unleash job creators to boost the economy for everyone. 

“Due to Democrats and Biden, Americans are worse off than they were four years ago. That’s the real state of the union.”

In conjunction with SOTU, JCN took out a full-page ad in the New York Times highlighting how Biden can secure the border through an executive order reinstating President Trump’s former border policy. JCN also launched a billboard campaign highlighting how energy prices are up 30% since Biden took office.