JCNF Press ReleaseJanuary 17, 2024

Job Creators Network Urges Supreme Court to Limit Power of Unaccountable Bureaucrats

In response to oral arguments today in the cases of Loper Bright Enterprises, Inc. v. Ramondo and Relentless, Inc. v. Dept. of Commerce, Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation, made the following statement:
“For decades small business owners and the American people have suffered as federal agencies have exploded in size and power. The Constitution is clear that it is Congress’ job to make laws and the court’s job to say what the laws are. “Chevron deference” gives unelected and unaccountable federal bureaucrats tremendous power by instructing judges to defer to federal agencies regarding what the laws are whenever there is a question. Job Creators Network Foundation’s Legal Action Fund filed an amicus brief in Loper Bright v. Ramondo urging the Court to overrule Chevron, which would curb the unprecedented power of the administrative state that is strangling small businesses with one-size-fits-all mandates.”